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How an Immigration lawyer can help you get your permanent residency in Canada through LMIA?

November 14, 2016 • admin

LMIA was previously known as Labor Market Opinion. This is basically a document which is secured from the employer. A majority of the Canadian employees will require this document if they have to hire a temporary foreign worker. However, there are few exceptions to the rule. Most of the employers require it and employees who do not have residency or work permit have to get a copy of it in order to work legally. You can make this entire complicated procedure easier by consulting with the best immigration lawyer Toronto.

How to Secure the Letter of Acceptance for LMIA?

The process of applying for LMIA might be straightforward but it lengthy and troublesome. There are some specific steps that have to be taken. The primary step is for the employer to gauge that there are specific rules which guides the procedure. In case, a specimen or document is missing then ESDC will discard the document.

Foreign Workers who Need LMIA

The employers of highly-skilled and efficient foreign workers who need an LMIA can opt to complete either a permanent LMIA application or a temporary LMIA application. Temporary requisites that the employer offer documents that are less supporting obtained from Canada Revenue Agency. A temporary LMIA application will also have a transition plan that will explain how the employer plans on transitioning the work force and the position of the foreign worker to permanent residents and Canadians. The transition plan should have proper example of the plan of the employer. If the employer is asked to subject additional LMIA application or subjected to the Employer Compliance Review then they will gave to complete the action for the transition plan and also how the actions have reduced the dependence on foreign workers. Presently, a temporary LMIA can be used for supporting the permanent residents as long as the employer is able to provide proof the permanency of the position.

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Advertising is required for permanent, as well as temporary LMIA. A permanent LMIA that is filed for supporting permanent resident application is actually fee exempt. This means that the employers will not have to submit the processing fee. The employers are not required to pay the LMIA fee or also complete the form of fee payment which is inserted in the application form when your only purpose is to get permanent LMIA for supporting permanent residence.

For permanent LMIA, the employer will have to provide more documentation obtained from the Canada Revenue Agency. The employer will also have to explain the way in which they will be supporting the application of the employee for the purpose residence and under which program the employee will qualify.

Success Rate

It is not easy to get an LMIA Letter of acceptance. It takes some considerable amount of time and you have to make some careful preparation for it. LMIAs are actually specific to the employers, the region of the job, and also the position that is being offered. If you obtain a positive LMIA, you will not be able to move to other regions of Canada or seek job under some other employer. To read more, visit this link here.


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